My name is Brad Miller. I’m an entrepreneur, business owner, retired firefighter, and a pretty likable and fair person—most of the time. I believe in being honest with people and striving to exceed customer expectations. Most importantly, I am a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

I hope this website accomplished two things. First, I hope it is helpful to others who have experienced problems with online scheduling software. And second, I still believe in a country where having the freedom (and power) to speak the truth is helpful and respected.

I do not have an axe to grind with Booker, but I do believe in speaking the truth. That is what I will do here, speak the truth.

What People Say

“Why does every part of Booker look like it was designed by a different person?”

A baffled employee

“When a defect is identified our product team prioritizes if and when it will be fixed based on the severity of the defect and the significance of the necessary code changes. This can result in some defects taking longer to be resolved than others or at times a defect not being fixed.”

A Booker Technical Case Manager

“Can’t I simply pick the person I want to see first, then see only that person’s schedule? That would be so much easier.”

A frustrated customer

Let’s make software better.