Booker’s Core Problem

Since day one, Booker’s core problem in my opinion has not changed — they do not seem to care about you, their customers. Ouch, I know that seems harsh and hurtful, but if it’s true (and this blog certainly makes the case for that), then I am doing you the biggest favor by sharing these insights with you before you commit your data and time to investing in their software.

Here is the challenging reality when you are looking for scheduling and payment software – it’s like packing up all of your old stuff, moving it across the country, then spending the next 6 months moving in. By the time you realize that Booker is not what you thought it was, you are deeply invested in their ecosystem. I would love to find some stats on how many people dump appointment software they DON’T LIKE for software they DO LIKE. I would be willing to bet the numbers are very low because moving is simply too costly in terms of time, money, and headaches.

So, do your homework up front and know what you are getting yourself into because this will be a marriage that you cannot easily get out of – and Booker knows it.

I am currently working my way out of Booker 🙌🏼. It will take me about a year to do so, but this is long overdue for me.