“Ghost Appointments” are Supposed to Time-out After 10 Minutes

A ghost appointment (see screenshot below) on our staff schedule is supposed to let staff know when a customer is trying to book an appointment. This can help to give the staff some control if a customer is trying to book at the same time as a staff member.

Per Booker’s instructions on ghost appointments, they time-out after 10 minutes. This means that if a customer starts to book an appointment, then walks away or does not complete the booking, the appointment will once again revert to available in 10 minutes.

But, as you can see in the screenshot, this appointment was started at 2:22 pm and as of 3:07 pm that incomplete appointment was still stuck on our schedule. This has happened about a dozen times over the last week.

Each time this error/bug occurs, it costs me money. This may result in a a customer who thinks they are coming in, but do not actually have an appointment. It may result in a blocked appointment that nobody can ever book. Or it may result in my staff having to contact a client to find out if they still want to keep the appointment. All of this is time consuming and costs us money.

When I called Booker support on 3-7-22, that assigned me case number 03506230 to BUG-8869. I was told that an engineer would contact me in a week to work on this. I told Booker that I hoped they could do better than that since this bug could be costing me over a hundred dollars every day.

One more thing. This bug is allowing one customer to THINK they are scheduled and another customer to actually schedule resulting in a possible double-booking situation. See below.

UPDATE: 3-18-22

Its been more than a week since I filed this bug with Booker and I have not heard a peep out of them since then. Furthermore, this does not surprise me since this is what I have come to expect from Booker.