Our Cancellation Policy Simply Disappeared!

I have been using the Booker platform for nearly 10 years now and there are two things that have never changed; the outdated look and feel of the platform, and the subpar customer service I receive. By the way, I am using what Booker calls V1 because they have advised me not to “upgrade” to V2 since I will lose too many features on V2. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Yes, it’s difficult to understand.

But I digress. In the latest snafu, I have completely lost our cancellation policy. What I mean is the paragraph of text that we wrote nearly a decade ago to inform our customer of the way in which we handle cancellations is gone. Like it never existed. GONE! Currently, when I look in the settings where our paragraph used to reside, the following screenshot is all I see.

Where did our cancellation policy go?

You may wonder if I am mistaken, but I can assure that I am not. Here is a screenshot from nearly a year ago, before our cancellation policy disappeared. this policy used to show up whenever a customer was scheduling a new appointment. In fact, we required customers to acknowledge our cancellation policy before they could complete a booking.

At one time, customers had to acknowledge this policy before booking an appointment.

This is the way our appointment confirmation email template looks today. The cancellation policy checkbox is still active, but since the actual cancellation policy is nowhere to be found, nothing is added to our emails which means that my customers have no idea about this.

Even though I no longer have a cancellation policy, Booker makes me think it is still working with poorly written code that allows something that does not exist o be selected.

Booker, can you please tell me:

  • What happened to my cancellation policy?
  • When did you make this change?
  • How many of your customers did this change negatively impact?
  • Do you want to know how much money I lost because I can no longer enforce a cancellation policy that somehow disappeared?
  • Do you have people who can fix this?
  • How long will it take to fix this?

I will be waiting for your answers and would be happy to post them here as a followup. Thanks.