Scheduling Bugs

We have a staff of 20, but I will not allow anyone else to change schedules because they are so hard to understand and successfully get the results you want in Booker. The scheduling module in Booker consistency causes me and our staff the most headaches. Here is one example.

Booker does not have a mechanism for a non-physical room, so we have to hack Booker by creating a room followed by the clinician’s name. In this example, the virtual room is called “Room Derek.” If I do not create a virtual room and lock Derek to it, any time Derek schedules an appointment, Booker will incorrectly add Derek’s appointment to the first available physical room, thereby blocking another clinician who is scheduled at that time. This bug alone truly makes messes out of our schedule that requires hours to clean up.

Second, a Booker rep has told me that my hack (to create Room Derek) should work fine as long as Derek is locked to that room. There is another Booker bug that will not allow me to lock a staff member to that room unless they are scheduled time. If I try to lock Derek to a Room Derek, Booker tells me the changes were saved, but they are not saved. This has also caused me numerous headaches because I assumed that Derek was locked to a room (that changes were saved) when Derek was not locked to a room.

Third, another hack. I changed Derek’s regular schedule to include just one 30 opening per week. This will not allow clients to book since all of our appointment types are 60 minutes or more. Once I added this time, Booker will allow me to lock Derek to a room. Sheesh.

UPDATE: Even after these workarounds, Booker is STILL allowing these appointments to be scheduled in Room 101 (Booker sees this as the first available room) rather than “Room Derek” that this staff member is locked to.

I have now talked to three different tech support reps on this issue, I never got the name of the first one, Chad seemed like he was struggling to understand the issue, and Laura, a L2 support specialist, while very knowledgeable, has yet to follow through with this issue. Liz said she would send an email with a case number, etc.

Talked to Madison, a very kind CS supervisor, on 2-11-2021 about this issue. I’m crossing my fingers that there is some followup this time.

UPDATE 2-12-2021: Well, Madison did followup with me as she promised. Just remember that Madison was my FORTH call about this problem and I asked to speak with a supervisor. Had I not done it that way, I would still be waiting.

Long story short, Booker either CANNOT fix any of these problems or WILL NOT fix them. After I realized this was where our phone call was going, I said I did not ant to waste any more of anyone’s time, especially mine, if nothing was going to change anyway. What follows is the email response I sent to Booker.

I really do appreciate your followup and the time you and Liz spent with me on the phone. My apologies again for ending the call quickly, but when I realized that the two most common answers to problems with Booker were being used (“multiple browser windows open” and “it was designed to work that way”), I knew that there was no point in wasting any time for the three of us. And, to be honest, I was more than a bit frustrated. If I had a dollar for each time I heard one of these excuses for a problem I was having with Booker, I would use the money to build a competing platform.
In our field of mental health, the most difficult and problematic clients are the ones who take no ownership for their problems. Unfortunately, this is how I see Booker most of the time.
Someday, one of two things will happen, either Booker will realize their platform is flawed and work to make it better (not perfect, just better) or I will find a replacement that will be a big jump ahead for me and my team. Until then, I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.