A Known Scheduling Bug

Here’s the scenario. A clinician is not scheduled on a particular day and time, therefore Booker sees them as unavailable for that day and time. Nonetheless, Booker will allow staff to schedule in the “gray area” of the schedule. Clients cannot book in the gray areas of the schedule, but staff can.

So, our staff will occasionally add a client to the gray area of the schedule. And this is fine, so far.

The first bug comes into play when Booker allows that clinician’s appointment to be scheduled in an open/available room, EVEN THOUGH that clinician is LOCKED to a different room. It seems as though Booker only acknowledges staff locked to a room in the white/scheduled areas, but ignores the lock in the gray/unscheduled areas. Weird right?

The next bug comes into play under these same circumstances — sometimes. In this case, the client shows on the appointment calendar correctly (under the correct clinician), yet clicking to EDIT that appointment shows a different clinician.

Under the influence of this second bug, which clinician is getting paid for this appointment? I have no idea! Booker is aware of this second bug and has been “for some time” according to the support agent I spoke to. I also received the standard disclaimer that Booker would be unable to provide a timeline for a fix.

Lastly, it would be fair to mention that Booker has made more improvements and changes in the last 6 months than the entire five years preceding. I was skeptical about MindBody taking over Booker at first, but they seem to be headed in the right direction. 👍🏼 Let’s hope they continue.