Does Booker Care About it’s Customers?

Does Booker Care About it’s Customers?

The simple and troubling answer to that opening question is, “I don’t know.”

Unlike most of my posts here on Booker Problems that are factual articles about the bugs and quirks of the software platform , or just ways to make it better, this piece is all about my opinion.

So where is this article coming from? What has happened that causes me to wonder if Booker even cares? I’m glad you asked. Let’s dig in.

I have said many times before that there is a great inconsistency inherent in all things Booker. The different ways that my customers make appointments (smart device app, Facebook, web browser), the Booker admin app vs. the web browser version of admin, the different look and feel of different modules within Booker. The list goes on.

We recently made a price change to our services. When taking payment using the browser version of Booker, or staff is appropriately notified that there is a difference in service price between the time the appointment was scheduled and the time my customer pays or checks-out. The browser version also give a way to reconcile that difference. So far, so good.

This week, we noticed a problem where some customers are still getting charged to old rate for services. How can that be if all of our fees have changed? Because the Booker smart device app on iOS allows payment to be taken without any way to reconcile between the price of the service when the appointment was made and the new, increased price of the service. The Booker app just charges the old rate—and we lose money. Every single time we use the Booker app.

I considered calling Booker tech support. My 5+ years of experience with them tells me not to bother. They either won’t be able to replicate the issue (a common answer), or they won’t think the issue is significant enough to devote resources to fix it, or I won’t hear back from them. Ever. All three of these things have happened to me when contacting Booker support for help.

So, as a business owner, do I spend my time trying to get Booker to fix something that they likely won’t admit is broken? Or do I instead spend my time teaching my staff how to work around the bugs and quirks in Booker? What would you do?

Yeah, me too. I’ll teach my staff another Booker work-around.

So the real PR problem that Booker has is how do they convince their customers that they care about them? I don’t know. This is their biggest problem.

UPDATE 7-30-21

I am working through the next Booker bug which I have written about here and little has changed. Booker Customer Support Specialists continually act is if:

  • I am the only Booker customer in history to experience my current round of issues.
  • I need to document, re-document, and document some more before they take me seriously.
  • They nearly always suggest the problem must be someone else’s fault (WorldPay, our credit card processor in the latest instance) and require me to spend a great deal of my time proving otherwise before Booker will think about looking into things.

This is all so frustrating!