For Some Unknown Reason Booker is Allowing Double Booking Chaos

On Saturday, 1-11-20, I needed to add a client to my schedule. Since I was out of my office, I grabbed my iOS device and added the appointment using the Booker app. After selecting the client and service type, I clicked the “Book Appointment” button to save the changes. The screen of the calendar in the Booker app flashed for a second as if it was updating the change I just made. But the appointment was not there.

I looked around on my schedule and could not find the appointment anywhere, so I tried again. From the calendar view, I tapped on the time to initiate the new appointment, filled in the details and tapped on the “Book Appointment” button. The calendar screen flashed for a second as if it was refreshing and… there it was, the appointment I just made was on my schedule.

Later that day, I was back in my office and feeling a bit unsettled about what had happened earlier since I have earned to not completely trust Booker. I logged into Booker using a browser, went to that client’s profile, and saw two appointments scheduled on the same day, in the same office, at the same time. To be sure, we have the system settings in Booker to only allow one service/appointment at a time, so this should not be possible. To make things worse, only one of these appointments shows up on the schedule, making all of this very, very confusing.

CleanShot 2020-01-12 at 09.31

UPDATE: 1-14-20

About 24 hours after I contacted Booker and gave them all of this information pertaining to this snafu, I received a response back from someone one their technical team. That’s good news so far, I thought. The response from Booker essentially said, yes there was a problem, but we have no idea how it happened or how to replicate it. By the way, that’s the bad news, that it can happen again. :/