Be Careful When Setting Service Fees, You Won’t Believe How Difficult it is to Change Them

I just finished the process of changing the fees of four services for twelve of our staff members. It took me about four hours over the course of several days. I am seriously amazed at how cumbersome this process is. Let me do my best to lay this out.

First, there are three different main areas in the System Settings that need to be located and changed. First, I had to increase the base or max fee for each service type. Second, I had to change the fee (or percentage) that each staff member charges related to that base fee. This is the prince the customer sees. And third, I had to locate and change the staff pay for each service for each person.

After I figured out HOW to do this, I made myself a spreadsheet to help me walk through the process for each service and each employee. Early on, I visited the Booker support page and typed in “change service fee.” I was given a list of 270 support articles that had some relevance. After reading the first five articles, I could tell that I would need to figure most of this out without the help of Booker’s support page.

CleanShot 2020-01-12 at 09.02.40

I wish I could post screenshots of this entire, convoluted process. It is more important for me to protect the identities of our staff members than it is to hold Booker’s feet to the fire on this on. I simply cannot post relevant screenshots without the lists of staff names and services. I am assuming that very few Booker employees have ever worked through this themselves. If they had, this would be a much simpler process.

Here is just one example. When in the “Services” area of Booker’s settings, the user (me) has to constantly switch between the top left of the screen to go back up a level and the top right of the screen to go back up a level. It is a draining and infuriating process. This sounds petty until you have had to click back and forth several hundred time like I have.

CleanShot 2020-01-12 at 09.15

Then it jumps to the other side.

CleanShot 2020-01-12 at 09.14