There are at Least 5 Ways for a Customer’s Appointments to be Made

Appointments in Booker can be scheduled via a web-based portal, a client app, through a Facebook plugin, or internally (by staff). It’s truly great to have so many options.

Because of all these options, we would love to easily track which appointments are coming from which source. Most business owners can easily see the benefits of tacking an appointment’s source. In fact, each appointment email that gets sent to staff tells the source of the appointment in the last line of the email. It looks like one of these:

  • Booking source: Customer
  • Booking source: CustomerAPI
  • Booking source: Internal
  • Booking source: Internal Reservation

One of the interfaces looks like this:

CleanShot 2019-03-06 at 08.27.05

The problem is readily apparent though. These codes give a hint about their source, but don’t give us what we need. Does the CustomerAPI designation indicate a customer who scheduled through the web portal or through the app? I have no idea.

The answers we are seeking here seem only a customer service phone call away. But calling Booker is a pain for us (and likely for Booker too). So, why not merely give Booker users like us useable data, in a language we understand instead of language that works for the programmers that built it?



I just figured out through testing that Booker reports both Facebook appointments and the client app appointments as “CustomerAPI,” so this designation is not helpful for us.