Sorting Inconsistencies Make Using Booker a Challenge

Let’s start by only talking about staff, not customers. We have 15 currently on our staff. Booker sorts the 15 different names by first name in some places, by last name in others, and by no perceptible criteria at all in a few.

The places that Booker sorts by first name:

  • The staff drop-down list on the appointments page
  • The employee schedules page
  • System settings under Services, employees who perform that Service
  • New appointment page
  • Client facing appointment portal
  • Client mobile booking

The places that Booker sorts by last name:

  • Employees list in system settings
  • Login list in system settings
  • Booker admin mobile app

The places where Booker sorts by some other method:

  • Waitlist module: by gender, then first name
  • Find Appointments page, every employee (past and present!)

This is not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. Users of Booker will often feel off-balance as they move around to different modules of the software and have to be constantly on-guard for how names are sorted. I’d love to say that I have gotten used to this, but it hasn’t happened yet.