Booker Login Problems

Booker thinks they know better than you do what kind of security you need when logging in. In some ways they are right, but in others they are dead wrong. Here are the problems with Booker login and security.

Timed logout. I need to be the one who decides how long to stay logged in based on how I use Booker, but Booker does not give me this option. They assume a “one size fits all” approach that says “we decide how long you can stay logged in.” I disagree. In fact, I disagree with most things that make me unproductive. This is one of those.

Logout at random times. Booker does not seem to renew your login as you are actively using the service. Many times, I will accomplish several different tasks in Booker, then randomly Booker will pause for 15 seconds like it’s trying to figure out what to do before I end up getting kicked out and have to log in again. This means I lose the last thing I was trying to do. Booker thinks they are keeping me safe somehow, but their method is really just a pain in the rear and disrupts my productivity. Most days I am working in Booker, I have to log in between 5 and 10 times.

There are ways to keep Booker open. There are ways to game Booker and bypass their forced log in limits. I do it all the time. It’s a couple of extra hoops to jump through and I have to remember to do it, so it’s kind of a pain, but can cut the number of time I need to re-login down to about 15 percent of the usual. So, is their security really as robust as they think it is? I would love to tell you what this is, but I don’t want Booker to find a way to block my workaround, not until they give us customizable login limits. DM me for details.

Cache errors. About every three weeks I receive a “header limit exceeded” error while trying to log in. Remember that Booker forces me to login often, sometimes over a dozen times per day. I am convinced that all of this logging in somehow contributes to this issue. So far, the only war I have found to fix it and be able to access my customer information once again is to delete all Booker info from my browsers cache, then reload the login page. What a royal pain!