Credit Cards Are Being Regularly Declined

This has been reported to Booker and given a case number of 02855491.

Keep in mind we have been using Booker for at least five years now. This kind of history with a product like Booker means that we understand its strengths and shortcomings very well — and how to work around the shortcomings. This current credit card problem has been happening for the last month (since about mid-June 2021), but each issue seemed random and infrequent enough that we didn’t have anything to report to Booker until AFTER a declined card was already fixed by someone on our staff.

Here’s the scenario. We are seeing a client that we have seen many times before and using the same manually entered and saved credit card that we have used before. This time when we try to process the payment through Booker (and WorldPay, Booker’s preferred credit card processor), the card is declined. We often joke that Booker is susceptible to a “disturbance in the force” so we have had some luck in the past (prior to this current issue) with waiting an hour and running the card again — successfully. This workaround no longer works for us. The current workaround is MUCH MORE TEDIOUS. It starts with verifying the card information with the client, which we find is always accurate because this the same card has worked in the past. Then we try one more time to run the credit card, which is then declined again with the following message, “the card could not be preauthorized.” Then we delete that credit card and re-enter the very same credit card again, run the charge and it works!

All of this would be an easy fix if this was the only instance, but we have been running into this latest bug between 10-20 times per week. This is starting to frustrate off our clients and the cost to our company (spending 20-30 minutes with each client) is noticeable.

It is also difficult to share specifics because there is client data involved, so I will share only information that Booker could find helpful. The two most recent occurrences of this bug are as follows:

DATENAME CARD (last 4 digits)
7-21-21Jazmine R.8637
7-22-21Michelle H.2065

I suspect that this has something to do with tokens between Booker and WorldPay or encryption or something similar.

Please Booker, do not merely brush this off as a problem with WorldPay that I have to troubleshoot. You have done that to me before and it only wastes more of my time. You provide the payment front end, please fix it.